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YoLink Uno WiFi Camera


Product Support


Frequently-Asked Questions

Does the UNO camera need a hub to work?

No, the UNO camera directly connects to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network so it does not require a hub.

What is the camera's current draw/power consumption?

The camera's power consumption is 5 watts.

Does the camera have cloud storage?

As of now, no. The recordings are being saved in the SD card that comes pre-installed in the camera.

Is the camera's SD card replaceable?

A: Yes and the camera can support up to 128GB SD card.

Yes and the camera can support up to 128GB SD card.

Does the camera have back-up batteries?

No, it does not have a battery compartment so it can only be powered by AC.

The camera does not seem to be saving the recording history, how do I fix this? 

Please ensure that the camera's timezone is synchronized correctly. Additionally, kindly upgrade the camera to the latest firmware version.

Is it possible to view the camera feed from a computer?

Unfortunately, the UNO camera does not currently support being monitored through a PC.

What is the Yolink Uno Camera (1B01) supported SD card size? 

Currently, the camera's maximum supported SD card size is 128GB. Under standard full-time recording mode, approximately 1 hour of video consumes around 40MB of storage space. Using this estimate, a 64GB SD card can store about 54 days' worth of video footage.