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YoLink Uno WiFi Camera


Product Support


Frequently-Asked Questions

Does the UNO camera need a hub to work?

No, the UNO camera directly connects to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network so it does not require a hub.

What is the camera's current draw/power consumption?

The camera's power consumption is 5 watts.

Does the camera have cloud storage?

As of now, no. The recordings are being saved in the SD card that comes pre-installed in the camera.

Is the camera's SD card replaceable?

Yes and the camera can support up to 128GB SD card.

Does the camera have back-up batteries?

No, it does not have a battery compartment so it can only be powered by AC.

How do I factory reset my camera?

To factory reset your camera, press and hold the button next to the SD card for 20 seconds. Release it after hearing the voice prompt. Following the reset, remember to reconfigure the network settings.

The camera does not seem to be saving the recording history, how do I fix this? 

Please ensure that the camera's timezone is synchronized correctly. Additionally, kindly upgrade the camera to the latest firmware version.

Is it possible to view the camera feed from a computer?

Unfortunately, the UNO camera does not currently support being monitored through a PC.

What is the Yolink Uno Camera (1B01) supported SD card size? 

Currently, the camera's maximum supported SD card size is 128GB. Under standard full-time recording mode, approximately 1 hour of video consumes around 40MB of storage space. Using this estimate, a 64GB SD card can store about 54 days' worth of video footage.

How do I remove the red filter on the camera image in the App? 

Please deactivate the night vision mode and set it to 'Auto' for proper adjustment.