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YoLink App Guide

How to Use the YoLink App 

About the YoLink App

Please visit the Apple or Google Store to download the latest App for your smartphone. 

If you're a first-time YoLink user, please take a look at our introductory app videos if you'd like to get a general introduction to setting up your YoLink devices. This page is meant to give a general understanding of the YoLink app and will be updated often with ways to make the most usage of your app, including common automations and how to integrate them, so please be sure to check back periodically. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please also feel free to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the YoLink App, or contact us

YoLink App Features Overview

Your YoLink app helps you manage your YoLink devices from anywhere, as well as set up custom behaviors and notifications. Here is a list of features in the app. 

Rooms - Rooms are groups that you can create based on how you want to organize your devices.

Alerts - What type of action that will trigger an alert on your system. For example with the Door Sensor, the alerts are either 'don't alert, alert when door is opened, alert when door is closed, or alert when door is opened or closed'. 

Alarm Strategy  - Predefined method for receiving alerts in different scenarios. 

Scenes - Scenes are scenarios you can manually press start to make active, and all the actions/behaviors you've put in that scene will automatically happen. The default scenes given are Home, Away, Wake, and Sleep (you can make new ones and edit as desired). You may for example set up certain device actions like alerting every home user that you're leaving, turning off the lights and thermostat, etc. And then whenever you press start for the 'Away' scene, all the actions you set up will happen. Scenes are essentially one-time automations. 

Automations - Automations are basically scenes, but happen, well, automated! You can set actions to always happen at a particular time of the day, like sunset/sunrise, or you can set actions to happen because of a trigger from another event. 

YoLink App Introductory Videos

Take a look at some of our short video guides for beginner topics with your YoLink App.  

App Tour

YoLink App Introductory Tour

This is an overview of your app homepage and its navigation. 

App Tour

YoLink App Settings

This will take you through general settings of the YoLink App, such as how to invite other users, locale settings, global settings, and more.

App Tour

How to Add YoLink Hub to App 

If you're just starting out, here's a guide on how to add your Yolink Hub to your app through a simple Scan & Play process. 

App Tour

How to Add YoLink Device to App

Here is an example of how to add a device in general to the YoLink App. 

App Tour

How to View Device Settings

This is a guide on how to view your specific device settings in your app. 

App Tour

How to Customize Device Details

This will show how to customize your device details such as its name, room, alert settings, reminders, and also where to view your device information. 


You'll always have an 'All Devices' tab in your menu so you can view every one of your devices, but one hub can connect to hundreds of devices so this may get a bit cluttered! An easy solution for browsing different categories is with creating rooms. For example, you may have several motion sensors and light switches in your living room, and then water leak sensors located in your bathroom. You can create new rooms and title them 'Living Room', 'Bathroom 1',  'Bathroom 2', etc. They're called rooms, but you can also organize it by floor level, apartment, and whatever you'd like to keep your devices organized. 

YoLink App Video Tutorial

How to customize your Rooms

How do I create a new YoLink room? 

  1. To create a room, click the triple bar ≡ in the top right corner in your homescreen. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the + icon in the top right. 
  4. Enter your room name. 
  5. Click the ✓ checkmark icon. 

How do I add a device to room? 

  1. Click the triple bar ≡ in the top right corner in your homescreen. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the room name. 
  4. Click the + icon next to the Devices window. 
  5. Checkmark the devices you'd like to add to the room. 
  6. Click the checkmark icon on the top right of the screen.
Please note that a device belongs to one room. So for example if you move one of your water leak sensors that was in Bathroom 1 to your room titled Bathroom 2, it will no longer appear in Bathroom 1. 

How do I change the order of my rooms? 

  1. Click the triple bar ≡ in the top right corner in your homescreen. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Hold the triple bar ≡ of the room you want to change the order of and drag it up or down. 
Alternatively, you can sort by date or name alphabetically by: 
  1. Click the triple bar ≡ in the top right corner in your homescreen. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the three lined icon in the top right part of your screen, to the right of the + icon.
  4. Select on the dropdown menu how you'd want to sort your rooms, whether by date created or by alphabetical name. 

How do I delete a room? 

  1. Click the triple bar ≡ in the top right corner in your homescreen. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the room name that you want to delete
  4. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Click Confirm in the dialog window. 

Alerts & Alarm Strategies 

An alarm strategy is a predefined method for receiving alerts in different scenarios. You will have 3 default alarm strategies. 

  • Default 
  • Effected when away 
  • Always

You can create your own custom alarm strategies, and also customize each alarm strategy. 

Please note a device belongs to only one unique alarm strategy at a time, so if you add a sensor to your new strategy, it will be removed from the previous one to prevent duplicate or conflicting notifications and behaviors. 

YoLink App Alarm Strategy PDF Manual Guide - View

YoLink App Video Tutorial

How to Create An Alert and Alarm Strategy

App Tour

How to edit Alert Style for a device

This video will walk you through an example of how to edit the alert style of a device in your YoLink App for your outdoor temperature sensor. 


You can create scenes and have a predetermined set of actions that happen every time you activate a scene. 

Your default scenes are called: Home, Away, Wake, and Sleep, but you can change the names, icons, and add and delete them as you'd like. You can also create groups to group different scenes together. Only one scene will be active at a time. 

You can manually activate a scene depending on what situation you're in, or you can also link it with fobs to help change your active scene. For every scene, you can set up a certain chain of behaviors such as a device action, alarm strategy, notification, etc. 

YoLink App Video Tutorial

How to create Scenes 

How do I access Scenes? 

  1. Click the 'Smart' Icon on the bottom right of your screen. 

How do I create a new scene in my YoLink App?

  1. Open the YoLink App
  2. Go to the Smart screen by tapping the Smart button on the bottom right of your screen. 
  3. Press the + icon on the top right corner. You'll see the new 'Scene' window pop up. 
  4. Name your new scene how you'd like by pressing the New Scene and typing what you want. Press save. 
  5. OPTIONAL: Press the icon if you'd like and choose an icon you want to label your scene with. 
  6. OPTIONAL: Press the Heart icon if you'd like to add this scene to your Favorites for easy access. 
  7. OPTIONAL: Tap the Group name and title a new group if you'd like to add this scene to a different group. 
  8. Press the + icon in the Behavior window and edit behaviors and settings you'd like to add as per your preferences for this scene. 
  9. Press the checkmark icon on the top right when you're finished to create the scene. 
Now you've successfully created a scene and it will appear in your list of scenes. Press the Play icon next to its name to start the scene, or press the Pencil icon to edit the scene.  

How do I delete a behavior in a scene? 

  1. In the list of behaviors in your Scene window, hold the behavior you want to delete and then swipe left. 
  2. A trash icon with 'Delete' should appear on the right hand side. 
  3. Press the Delete icon. 
NOTE: If you'd like to delete all behaviors, go to your Scene window and click the trash icon with three lines next to it in the right side of your screen. A dialog window will pop up saying 'Are you sure you want to delete all actions?' Click confirm, and all your behaviors will be deleted. 

How do I know which scene is active? 

You can see which scene is currently active by going to your Scene window and looking at the icon before the name of the scene. The colored/filled-in box is the scene that is currently active. 

How do I turn off a scene? 

There's currently no way to turn off a scene unless you switch to another scene and have that be the active one instead. You could create another scene with the behaviors opposite of the other scene's behavior if you wanted to 'stop' certain actions . 

How do I schedule a scene to happen automatically? 

Scenes cannot be triggered automatically - you have to manually activate scenes through the app, or though a fob. 

You might be wanting to have a series of events that always happens at a certain time during the week. Instead of scenes, what you want to create are automations. Automations are where you can achieve the same behavior and set-up of a scene, but also schedule and set the time and date you want it to happen. 

How do I view the history of a Scene? 

  1. Press the Scene you want to view the history of in your Smart page. 
  2. Press the history icon in the top right corner of your screen (the icon to the left of the checkmark icon.) 
  3. This will bring up a record of when you've played this scene. If you're never played it before, it will show a 'No Logs Now' message by default. 


Automations are a series of events that you can create and customize that start by a trigger of either a Schedule or Device Actions.  

Schedules - You may want for example, your vibration sensor to not alert you on weekdays from 9AM-5PM. Or you may want to set up lights to turn on a couple minutes before sunset every day. Use the schedule feature to do this. 

Device Actions - You can create an automation to run only after a certain device action. This can be as simple as making an automation to turn on the heater from the smart thermostat when it reaches a certain temperature, or it can be as complex as a series of 'If This, Then That' actions from multiple devices that eventually sets off your siren alarm. 

YoLink App Video Tutorial

How to Create and Edit Automations

Why Isn't My Device Appearing in Automations? 

Please note that for certain devices such as the YoLink Garage Controller or the YoLink Finger, they won't automatically show up as devices you can add as automations. You need to first enable the “control of security devices”. From your app’s main page, go to the menu at the upper left-hand corner, visit Settings, visit Account, go to Advanced Settings, and make sure that Control of Security Devices is turned on or enabled. After this, you'll be able to see and add those devices in your automations. 

How do I create an automation? 

  1. To create an automation, press the Smart icon on the bottom of your screen and then press the Automation tab near the top of your screen. 
  2. Press the + icon in the top right. 
  3. Create a name for your Automation. 
  4. Press the + icon on the When section. Press either the Schedule or the Device Actions button depending on what you want your automation to be. 
  5. Press the + icon in the Behavior section and choose your desired behaviors. 
  6. Optional: Select a Working Time for your automation if you want it to have a specific time, otherwise leave it as Always Working. 
  7. Press the ✓ checkmark icon on the top-right of your screen.