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Water Meter Quick Start Guide


Frequently-Asked Questions

Does the FlowSmart Control (5006) possess the ability to detect slow and minor leaks? 

The specification for 5006 indicates it can detect leaks as small as 0.1 gallons per minute.

Is the water flow meter (YS5007 and YS5006) compatible with Home Assistant? Additionally, are there any plans to support Google Home in the future?

The water meter equipment can be integrated with Home Assistant, but Google Action does not currently support it.

How much time does it take for the water meter to send the next pulse count and update the water meter reading? How often does the flow meter (YS5007) reading update?

The reading displayed on the app differs from the reading on the device itself, refreshing once every hour. Each revolution of the mechanical water meter triggers a pulse signal sent to the Yolink FlowSmart Meter, ensuring consistent readings between the two meters. As for app synchronization data, updates are sent out every hour.

Is it possible for the meter (YS5006 and YS5007) to operate independently, showing information through the app?

Unfortunately, the meter cannot display information through the app on its own. It needs to be connected to the meter sensor for that capability.

Why does my daily water consumption shown seem to differ from the consumption displayed on the bar graph?

This discrepancy may occur if your device was disconnected from the hub at some point. When this happens, the hourly data on the bar graph is not recorded, though the water consumption is still tracked locally on the device. Once the connection is restored, the total water consumption is updated, but the hourly consumption data remains missing.

What is the graph that appears in the app for the water meter? 

The graph uses time on the horizontal axis and water consumption on the vertical axis. It visually represents the water usage pattern over a specific timeframe. When water usage stops, the vertical axis resets to zero.

How frequently are these two data sets refreshed for 'Today' and 'This Month'?

The data is refreshed every hour at most.

The option labeled "water meter equivalent" is inactive and cannot be modified. I am unable to select it by clicking.

  1. To proceed with this adjustment, please first navigate to the YoLink Water Meter device 'Details' page.
  2. Within the 'Details' page, locate and select "Water Meter Advanced Settings."
  3. Next, choose "Reset Meter" from the options provided.
  4. Within the reset options, you'll find the setting to "Change the Water Meter Equivalent." Click on this option.
  5. Input the desired equivalent value for the water meter.
  6. Once you've made the necessary changes, please ensure to manually press the ‘set’ button on your Yolink Water Meter to update the data.