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Valve Controller 2 & Bulldog Valve Robot Kit, w/YoLink Hub

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Scott M.
Water Valve Controller

The valve controller 2 with bulldog has worked very well. It was easy to install and has, so far, opened and closed my water valve on command.

Mark Chaplin
Easy install, nice interface

We were able to successfully install this device and the related controller in about 90 minutes. Worked the first time be tested it. Product provides great piece of mind.

Jay Eckstein
Hard to install

It’s taking awhile to sync my email and my device

Scott Young

Works well, and set up was easy.

Mike T
Robust solution, good price, backup built-in - quite nice!

This combination is difficult to beat! YoLink provides long-range, low-power automation and device-to-device control and - with the valve controller, battery back-up, which allows for nearly foolproof handling of water leaks where YoLink Sensors are placed. With internet control capability and integration with other services, this is a fantastic solution. RECOMMENDED!

The latest addition to our smart wireless valve controller line-up, the Valve Controller 2, with a Bulldog Valve Robot. Unique features of the Valve Controller 2 include the ability to be powered by AC power, in addition to, or instead of battery power. The Bulldog Valve Robot, "no-plumber-required" bolt-on valve operator/manipulator mounts on your existing ball valve. Add water leak detection, to create your own YoLink Smart Water Leak Protection System! This product is available in additional starter kits.

REQUIRED ITEMS: A YoLink hub with an internet connection is required for full functionality, which is included in this product.

Valve Controller 2

  • Smart wireless valve controller
  • Battery-powered (4 AA batteries, included)
  • Optional AC power via included plug-in adapter
  • Valve position input (positive open/shut feedback)
  • Outdoor-rated, IP63
  • Can be remotely-installed from the valve device, with optional extension cables
  • Device-to-device pairing
  • LoRa-based extreme long range wireless
  • Up to 1/4 mile, open air range
  • Extreme low-power consumption
  • 2+ years between battery changes
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • See the product data sheet for full details

Bulldog Valve Robot

  • "Bolt-on" 12VDC motorized valve operator/manipulator
  • No-plumber-required, do-it-yourself installation
  • No pipe cutting; attaches to existing ball valve
  • Installs in around 15 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Recommended ball valve sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • Ball valve must be in good working order
  • Outdoor-rated, IP65 (Overhead cover recommended)
  • Manual control (depress clutch pin and turn handle)
  • See the product data sheet for full details


  • Simple Do-It-Yourself, no-plumber-required, installation. The Bulldog installs in about 15 minutes, with just a Phillips screwdriver. (The valve controller installation requires additional tools and hardware for wall-mounted installation)
  • Wireless operation; no 120V outlet or additional wiring required
  • LoRa long-range/low-power technology offers 2+ years battery life, compared to 1+ year for other brands
  • Alexa, Google, voice assistant, Home Assistant and IFTTT integration
  • YoLink Control D2D device-to-device pairing allows for the Smart Motorized Valve to be directly controlled by YoLink water sensors or other devices, without an internet connection, and without power ("No WiFi, No Internet, No Power - No Problem!")
  • S.D.I.M - Smart Device Integrity Monitoring means your smart device is supervised 24/7 for communication and device health. Should your device fail to communicate or have a device health issue, you can be notified (per your alarm strategy settings). Each device has a unique identification number and it is individually monitored by the YoLink cloud server, 24/7, continuously
  • YoLink’s industry-leading long range communication (up to 1/4 mile, open air!) allows for operation in larger homes and in areas difficult for other wireless systems, such as basements, separate garages/structures, and even outside your home


Add smart control, including remote manual control, schedule control, and automation based on interaction with other smart devices (such as YoLink smart water leak sensors). Additionally, the valve can be controlled by third-party applications like IFTTT, Home Assistant, Google and Alexa (including voice commands, like "Alexa, turn off the water")

Avoid the expense, inconvenience and mess associated with the installation of non-wireless valve controllers.

Enjoy functionality even during a power outage. Control-D2D paired devices will perform their paired function automatically, without an internet connection, without the app, and without AC power (in the case of battery-powered or battery-backed-up devices - an internet connection is required for full functionality and for the app to work.)

For additional information, please visit the YoLink Product page.