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How does the YoLink Door Sensor work?

The YoLink Door Sensor detects the change in position of the magnet in relation to the position of the sensor to monitor the opened or closed status of your door or window.

What actions can be triggered by the YoLink Door Sensor?

The YoLink Door Sensor can trigger actions of other devices such as turning on a light, activating a siren and/or sending a notification via the YoLink app.

Can I receive alerts if a door or window is left open for too long?

Yes, alerts can be sent for doors/windows left open too long. Available notification types are email, text/SMS, and banner notifications on smartphone, each configurable in app settings.

What other applications can the YoLink Door Sensor be used for?

The YoLink Door Sensor can be used for swing-type doors, sliding doors, windows, drawers, cabinet doors, refrigerator and freezer doors, storage boxes, safes, tool boxes, chests, and gun safes/cabinets.

Is the YoLink Door Sensor easy to install?

Yes, the YoLink Door Sensor is very easy to install and is DIY. Simply attach the sensor to the door or window frame and the magnet to the door or window itself.

Can the YoLink Door Sensor be used outdoors?

The YoLink Door Sensor is not designed nor recommended for outdoor use and should only be used indoors. If you would like an outdoor sensor, consider the YoLink Outdoor Contact Sensor. 

What does "Open Reminder" mean?

"Open Reminder" is a customizable notification feature that sends alerts when a door or window remains open for a specified duration. You can set the reminder duration anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 hours. Additionally, you can configure a "Continuous Alarm" for the "Open Reminder," which will send repetitive alerts at intervals between 10 and 120 minutes until the door or window is closed.

What is the "Open Reminder" choice in the Alexa routine?

In the Alexa routine, you'll find the "door open" option, which covers both door open and open reminder events. While there isn't a separate "Open Reminder" choice, selecting the "door open" option will enable you to create routines that include both door open and open reminder notifications.

Is the YoLink door sensor compatible with Google Assistant?

Yes, the YoLink Door Sensor is compatible with Google Assistant. You can use Google Assistant to inquire about the status of your door sensor by asking questions like, "What's the status of [device name]?" or "Is the [device name] open?"

However, due to Google's limitations, the YoLink Door Sensor does not support the creation of routines within the Google Home app. For more advanced integration and automation, you can utilize the YoLink Door Sensor with Alexa routines or IFTTT applets.

Why isn't the door sensor triggering an alarm when the door is opened or closed?

The YoLink door sensor itself does not have a built-in alarm; it is designed to send push notifications, email notifications, SMS through the app. The notification sound is determined by your smartphone's system settings. To adjust the sound, please modify your phone's settings accordingly.

To enhance your door sensor's functionality, you can integrate it with Alexa to create routines that include voice announcements. Alternatively, you can also connect the YoLink door sensor with a YoLink siren or SpeakerHub to receive audible alerts when the door is opened or closed.

 In the app, the YoLink door sensor shows the door is open even though it is closed. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Verify the network status of the YoLink Hub to ensure its online.

2. Check the door sensor as follows:

a) Press the SET button on the door sensor and observe if the LED indicator blinks.

b) If there's no light, the door sensor battery might be dead or low on power. Please replace the battery in this case.

c) Check the YoLink app to see if the device status changes or if the device is online.

d) If there is light, perform factory reset to test.

3. Assess the communication environment between the door sensor and the YoLink Hub:

a)The distance between the door sensor and the Hub

b)Are there any obstacles between the door sensor and the Hub

c)Avoid placing the door sensor in semi-closed or restricted areas such as underground wells or pits, as this can impact signal strength.

If the problem persists after trying the above steps, please contact YoLink customer support for further assistance.

Does leaving a door open for extended periods wear down the battery of a door sensor faster than if the door was closed? In other words, does an open door consume more battery power?

Generally, the power consumption of a door sensor is very low, whether the door is open or closed. The battery life of a door sensor can last up to 5 years when it's in standby mode (no status changes). However, there are two situations that can lead to increased battery consumption:

1. Frequent changes in the door's open or closed state.

2. Long-open door alerts (based on the set duration for the "open reminder").

The "keep open" state itself does not significantly impact the battery life, as the power consumption in this state is minimal (about 2uA). If there is no "keep open" data, the power consumption when the door is closed is actually slightly greater than when the door is open. 

To conserve battery life, you can disable the "open reminder" alerts in the YoLink app. Overall, the opening or closing of the door has a negligible effect on the power consumption of the door sensor, and there's no specific correlation between an open door and increased battery usage.

Does the "door is still open" option for the YoLink Door Sensor support IFTTT?

Currently, IFTTT does not support the "door is still open" option for the YoLink Door Sensor.

Can YoLink door sensors be used on metal doors?

Yes, YoLink door sensors can be used on metal doors. However, please note that the presence of metal may impact the communication range between the sensor and the hub.

I'm having trouble with smart automation in the YoLink App and cannot set any behaviors, and when I press the plus sign for behavior, nothing happens. How do I select a behavior?

When using the YoLink door sensor for smart automation, it can only act as a trigger device (the "IF" part of the automation). To complete the automation setup, you need to have another device for the "THEN" part of the automation.

For example, if you have a YoLink door sensor and a YoLink smart plug mini, you can set up the automation as follows: IF "Door Sensor - Door open," THEN "Smart Plug Mini - Turn on." Make sure you have a compatible device for the "THEN" part of the automation to create the desired behavior.

My door sensor isn't working with my doors. How can I remove and reinstall it?

To remove and reinstall your door sensor, follow these steps:

1. Carefully unscrew and remove the front half of the door sensor, leaving the back shell with the double-sided tape attached to the door. Make sure not to let any liquid get inside the door sensor, as this can cause a short circuit.

2. Dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the double-sided tape on the back shell to soften the adhesive. This may take some time.

3. Once the double-sided tape has softened, gently remove the back shell along with the tape.

4. Use a new back shell and double-sided tape to reassemble the door sensor, securing it with screws. Reinstall the door sensor at the desired location, ensuring proper placement.

Please note that it's essential to follow these steps carefully to avoid damaging the door sensor during the removal and reinstallation process.

Does the YoLink Door Sensor use a normally-closed (NC) reed switch?

No, the YoLink Door Sensor utilizes a normally-open (NO) reed switch.

Will using indoor door sensors on something that is normally open have any negative effects?

There are no negative effects when using door sensors on something that is normally open. However, to optimize your sensor's performance and battery life, you should set an appropriate open reminder duration or disable the open reminder feature directly in the YoLink app.

Why do the text messages for the door sensor only notify me when the door is open and not when it's closed?

 The SMS notifications for door sensors are designed to minimize the number of notifications and associated costs from mobile carriers. By default, the SMS notifications only send an alert when the door is opened. However, you can create an automation in the YoLink app to receive notifications when the door is closed. To do this, set up the automation with the condition "When door is closed," then add the behavior "Notification" and choose the strategy that has enabled SMS notifications. This way, you'll receive text messages for both open and closed door events.

I would like to program a door sensor to alert me when it's open for 30 minutes, but every time I set it to 30 minutes, it reverts back to 20 seconds. How do I solve this? 

It's possible that your door sensor's firmware needs to be updated. To resolve the issue, please provide YoLink customer support with your device's EUI number. They will help you update the sensor's firmware. Once your sensor's firmware is updated, you should be able to set the desired alert time without it reverting back to 20 seconds.

My new door sensor shows a battery level below full charge. Is there a workaround?

Please contact YoLink customer support and provide them with the device's EUI number, a copy of your purchase invoice, and your shipping address. The customer support team will be able to assist you with a solution or provide further guidance.

I updated my door sensor's firmware, and now it doesn't work. What should I do?

After updating the firmware, the door sensor may need some time to become fully operational again. Please wait for a while, and the sensor should start working as expected. If the issue persists, consider contacting YoLink customer support for further assistance.

The reporting of status changes is experiencing delays in Google Home. What should I do?

These delays stem from Google Home itself. We inform both the Alexa server and the GA server that the processing speed is relatively consistent. This feature is recently supported by GA and may undergo further optimization.

Can I control my horizontal sliding garage door with the YoLink system?

Yes, you can control your horizontal sliding garage door using the YoLink system. Install a YoLink door sensor or contact sensor on your garage door, and pair it with a compatible garage door controller. In the YoLink app, you can manage and monitor the garage door just like you would with a regular garage door sensor.

What is the maximum number of Responders I can pair with a YoLink Door Sensor?

With YoLink Control, there is no strict limit to the number of Responders you can pair with Door Sensor. However, for optimal performance, we recommend linking up to 128 devices.

I've noticed that I don't always get an alert when my mail arrives because the mail carrier opens and closes the door very quickly, sometimes within 1 or 2 seconds. If I open and close the door fast enough, I don't get notified. Can I change the sensitivity to ensure I get notified even if the door is open for less than a second?

While you may not be able to change the sensitivity of the door sensor itself, you can create an automation in the YoLink app to ensure you receive a notification for quick open and close events. To do this, follow these steps in the YoLink App:

1. Go to the "Smart" tab.

2. Select "Automation."

3. Create a new automation with the following conditions:

a. When the door is opened,

b. Delay for 3 seconds,

c. Continue only if the door sensor is closed.

4. Add the behavior "Notification" with custom content such as "Door is closed."

By setting up this automation, you should receive a notification even if the door is opened and closed very quickly.

What is the maximum gap between the YoLink door sensor and the magnet?

For the YoLink YS7704 indoor door sensor, the maximum working gap between the sensor and the magnet is 0.4 inches (approximately 10mm). If the sensor is mounted on a metal surface, this gap may be reduced. To maintain the optimal gap, you can use plastic spacers or a stronger magnet.

 I need an alert to be triggered when the doors are left open for 60 seconds or longer, but I don't need open/close alerts. How can I do this?

 To set up this type of alert, you can disable the standard open/close alerts and enable the "Open Reminder" feature in the YoLink App.

 I have a few door gates with sensors. I would like a light to be on if any door is open, and off if all doors are closed.

To set up a light to be on if any door is open, create a new scene in the YoLink app: - plug - on. Then, go to the alarm strategies and find the strategy related to your door sensors. Trigger the scene in the strategy.

To set up a light to be off if all doors are closed, create an automation in the YoLink app like this:

If gate 1 is closed,

Apply a filter and continue if gate 2 is closed,

Apply another filter and continue if gate 3 is closed,

Turn off the light.