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What is the YoLink YS7103 Siren Alarm?

The YoLink YS7103 Siren Alarm is a smart siren alarm system designed for home security, which can be integrated with other YoLink devices for enhanced safety and protection.

Can I activate the siren via the app if I connect it to a network using the smart hub?

Yes, the YoLink Hub serves as the central controller for YoLink devices, connecting the YoLink Siren Alarm to the internet and cloud. Once the devices are connected to the internet, you can activate or deactivate the alarms for the Siren Alarm through the YoLink App. Please note that the YoLink Hub requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection or a wired connection to function properly.

Does the siren remain audible after being triggered until someone turns it off?

The YoLink Siren Alarm will automatically silence the alarm based on the Alarm Duration setting in the YoLink app, with the default setting being 30 seconds.

There are other ways to silence the Siren Alarm as well:

1. Press the SET button on the Siren Alarm.

2. Tap the Stop Alarm button in the YoLink app.

3. Temporarily mute the siren in the YoLink app (requires contacting YoLink customer support to update the firmware, and setting the mute durations in the details screen).

4. Press the associated OFF button on the optional YoLink Remote (sold separately).

5. Press the associated Stop Alarm or Mute button on the optional YoLink SirenFob (sold separately).

How loud is the YoLink Siren Alarm in dB?

The YoLink Siren Alarm is designed to be quite loud, with the sound reaching up to 110 dB (1-foot distance), ensuring that it can be heard effectively in emergency situations.

Can I adjust the volume (sound levels) on the YoLink Siren Alarm?

Yes, the YoLink Siren Alarm supports three sound levels. You can manually adjust the sound level by sliding the sound level switch to the desired position on the Siren Alarm. Or you can consider our speaker hub, you can adjust volume from 1 to 16, on the app.

Is there a siren with a strobe combination?

YoLink offers LED Strobe Light accessories that can be combined with the YoLink Siren. Keep in mind that because of the LED Strobe Light's power needs, it should be used with the YoLink Siren only when external power is accessible. 

Is there a way to personalize the tones on the Yolink Siren Alarm (YS7103) similar to the Yolink Speaker Hub (1603)? 

Unfortunately, at present, the model 7103 does not offer the capability to customize alarm or trigger tones.

The siren goes off when the plug turns on. What's happening?

 When you turn on the plug, the Siren Alarm receives power and emits a HI-LO tone. This is an indication that the Siren Alarm is powered on and functioning correctly.

How do I link the Siren Alarm with sensors?

There are three ways to link YoLink sensors with the YoLink Siren Alarm:

1. YoLink App - Smart Automation: You can create a smart automation rule, such as IF "YoLink Water Leak Sensor - Water Leak Alert," THEN "YoLink Sirens - Start Alarm." This function requires the Hub and an internet connection. For multiple sensors, you need to create multiple automation rules.

2. YoLink App - Alarm Strategy: You can set an "Alarm Strategy" for your sensors to trigger the siren alarms. If you have multiple sensors, you can create different alarm strategies for each sensor type, such as water leak sensors, door sensors, and motion sensors. After creating the alarm strategies, you can add smart scenes "Home" or "Away" to enable or disable the alarm strategy based on your location. When you are out of home, click the "Away" scene to arm; and when you are at home, click the "Home" scene to disarm the alarm strategy for motion sensors or door sensors. You can also add the scenes to "Favorite" for quick access.

3. YoLink Control: This method works even without the Hub and internet connection. With YoLink Control, the sensor will trigger the siren alarm all the time, and you need to pair them one by one. If you want to mute the siren temporarily, you may need a SirenFob to pair YoLink Control between the SirenFob and Siren to mute it.

What is the maximum number of Controllers I can pair with a YoLink Siren Alarm?

With YoLink Control, there is no strict limit to the number of Controllers you can pair with Siren Alarm. However, for optimal performance, we recommend linking up to 128 devices.

Can I create an event to arm or disarm, or can I create an event to turn on/off the siren with Alexa and/or Google?

Once you have connected the YoLink Siren Alarm to Alexa or Google via the YoLink Hub, you can use voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the Siren Alarm on or off as needed. Please note that the YoLink Hub is required for this functionality.

Can I use IFTTT with the YoLink Siren Alarm to create custom applets?

 Yes, the YoLink Siren Alarm is compatible with IFTTT, which allows you to create custom applets for starting or stopping the Siren Alarm. By integrating IFTTT, you can further personalize and automate your smart home system, tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences.

Why does the YoLink Siren Alarm disconnect frequently (can not connect issue)?

There are two possible reasons:

Incomplete device status loading due to poor mobile phone network connectivity. Ensure that your mobile phone has a strong and stable network connection for optimal performance.

Insufficient interval time between device operations. If the device is operated too quickly or repeatedly, it may not fully respond, leading to connectivity issues. Ensure that the interval time between operations is more than 6 seconds to avoid this problem.

Can I schedule the YoLink Siren to activate the alarm at specific times?

Yes, you can create custom schedules for the YoLink Siren within the YoLink app. This allows you to automatically activate or silence the alarm at specific times and days.

Can I use the door sensor and siren to arm or disarm the system when the internet is down?

Yes, you can pair the door sensor with the siren so that when the door is opened, the siren will be triggered. To arm or disarm the system, pair the siren with a SirenFob. Mute the siren to disarm the system and unmute it to arm the system. This setup will work without an internet connection. However, before configuring this setup, please contact YoLink customer support to update the firmware. A YoLink Hub(internet) is required for firmware updates and to set mute durations

Can the YoLink Siren Alarm run on batteries?

The YoLink Siren Alarm is primarily powered by a DC 5V/1A power source. However, you can also add 2 AA batteries as an emergency power backup. With two new AA batteries, the device can last for about 4-5 days on standby. We recommend using the supplied power adapter as the primary power source and keeping the batteries for backup purposes only.

Can I program the YoLink Siren to only use the LEDs and disable the sound portion?

To achieve this functionality, please contact YoLink customer support for a firmware update. Once the firmware is updated, you will be able to mute the siren, allowing only the LED lights to operate while the sound portion remains turned off

How do I receive a notification alert on my phone when the siren alarm is triggered?

The YoLink app does not send notifications when the siren alarm is triggered. However, the app will update the status of the siren alarm, and you can check the alarm's history within the app to stay informed about its activity.

 Is the YoLink Siren Alarm UL Listed?

The YoLink Siren Alarm itself does not require UL Listing, as it is powered by a 5VDC power adapter. However, the power adapter that comes with the device is UL Listed, ensuring its safety and compliance with industry standards.

Can I set up multiple alarm durations for the YoLink Siren Alarm?

Yes, you can set up different alarm durations by creating customized scenes in the YoLink app. First, set the alarm duration to the longest desired duration (e.g., 5 minutes) in the siren details screen. Then, create new scenes for shorter durations:

1. For a 1-second alarm scene: Add a device action - Siren - Start Alarm, set a delay of 1 second, and then add another device action - Siren - Stop Alarm.

2. For a 1-minute alarm scene: Add a device action - Siren - Start Alarm, set a delay of 1 minute, and then add another device action - Siren - Stop Alarm.

These customized scenes allow you to use different alarm durations depending on your preferences and needs.

What is the minimum duration the siren can be set to?

The minimum alarm duration for the YoLink Siren Alarm can be set to 1 second. To configure this setting, go to the device detail screen in the YoLink app. Please ensure that both the firmware and the app are up to date for the best experience.

How can I set up or enable my YoLink Siren Alarm to work with my door sensors?

To set up your YoLink Siren Alarm with door sensors, follow these steps in the YoLink app:

1.Open the YoLink app and go to Menu > Settings.

2.Select "Alarm Strategies."

3.Find an existing strategy or create a new one.

4.In the "Related Device" section, select your window and door sensors.

5.In the "Trigger Action" section, select the YoLink Siren Alarm.

By following these steps, you'll successfully link your siren alarm with the door sensors.

 I tested my siren, which is connected to Hub A. When Hub A went offline, the siren didn't automatically connect to Hub B. Why?

The YoLink Siren Alarm is a Class C device with a heartbeat signal time of 30 minutes. This means it sends a signal to the hub every 30 minutes to maintain communication. On the other hand, water leak sensors are Class A devices with a heartbeat signal time of 4 hours.

When Hub A is offline, the device will automatically connect to Hub B upon detecting a status change (e.g., from normal to water detected), when the SET button is pushed, or when the heartbeat signal is sent. For water leak sensors, if the sensor detects water, it will connect to Hub B and send alerts. However, for the siren, if you don't push the SET button, it will take up to 30 minutes for the device to connect to Hub B.

If I get a second hub, could I program a remote, and press a button and all alarm devices such as your siren horn are triggered? I want to put the sirens on all 4 sides of the property, but the building is about 15,000 square feet. Can I do this with 3 or 4 hubs?

Yes, you can install multiple hubs at different locations on your property. After installation, if all sirens show as online, you can program a Flex Fob or create a scene in the app to trigger all sirens simultaneously. Three or four hubs should be sufficient to cover your 15,000 square feet property and allow you to trigger all sirens in the strategy.

What are the differences between YS7103, YS7104, YS7105, and YS7107 Alarms?

The differences between the four alarms are as follows:

YS7103: This AC/DC powered alarm uses batteries as backup, providing a standby backup battery life (2 AA battery) of approximately 80 hours. It also allows you to schedule the siren activation.

YS7104: This battery-powered alarm has a standby battery life (4 AA battery) of about 1.5 years and an output of about 4-5 watts. However, you cannot schedule the siren activation.

YS7105: This battery-powered alarm offers an extended standby battery life of about 10 years(1 ER34615 battery). Scheduling the siren activation is not possible with this model.

YS7107: This alarm can be powered by either batteries or an AC power adapter. When powered by batteries, it has a standby battery life of about 5 years (4 C battery). With an output of about 12 watts, it can connect to a strobe light. You can schedule the siren activation when using a power supply.

 I have installed a gate switch (exterior) and several door sensors, and the speaker siren (so far). I want to set up different behaviors for when I am HOME vs AWAY using the same set of sensors. For example, when I am away, if the gate sensor or a door open sensor is triggered, I want the email, SMS, and siren to go off for several minutes. However, if I am HOME (or ARM-STAY for sleeping) I just want the siren for a minute or two (enough to wake me so I can inspect), and if I am HOME (disarmed), I want the siren to just blip for 1-second so I can inspect for my kid/family member accidentally opening (so the pet doesn't get out). Can you offer any tips on how I can achieve the behaviors I want?

To achieve the desired behaviors for your HOME and AWAY settings, follow these steps:

1. Go to the siren details screen in the YoLink app and set the alarm duration to 5 minutes.

2. Create two scenes:

a. 1-second siren scene: add behavior - add siren - start alarm; add behavior - delay 1 second; add behavior - add siren - stop alarm.

b. 1-minute siren scene: add behavior - add siren - start alarm; add behavior - delay 1 minute; add behavior - add siren - stop alarm.

3. Set up three scenes:

a. Away scene: add behavior - add alarm strategy - choose a strategy related to your sensors - choose advanced settings - trigger siren - save.

b. Arm-Stay scene: add behavior - add alarm strategy - choose a strategy related to your sensors - choose advanced settings - trigger "1-minute siren scene" - save.

c. Disarmed scene: add behavior - add alarm strategy - choose a strategy related to your sensors - choose advanced settings - trigger "1-second siren scene" - save.

By setting up these scenes, you can customize your siren alarm behaviors for different situations, such as being at home or away.