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This item includes one SpeakerHub: audio, talking Hub.

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YoLink SpeakerHub:  this changes everything!

our first audio (talking) hub! As the name suggests, this hub has a built-in speaker. Now, your hub can play your choice of tones and sounds and spoken messages! Our text-to-speech engine, powered by Amazon Web Services, turns your custom text message, such as "Basement Fridge Door is Still Open" or "Dog Kennel Low Temperature" into clearly spoken words!
Please Note! SpeakerHub does not have a microphone. Place your SpeakerHub in your office, bedroom, any room, and rest assured your privacy is secure.

  • Audible Notifications - be informed of system alerts and events with your selected sounds/tones as well as text-to-speech messages like “the garage door is still open!”
  • 100-in-1 Audible Device! Customizable tones/sounds and custom spoken text-to-speech messages means your SpeakerHub can act as a driveway alert, security siren, water leak alarm, door chime and you’ve-got-mail announcer!
  • Private & Secure: SpeakerHub is smart, but it does not have a microphone and can not listen. Be secure in your privacy and safely place this smart speaker anywhere in your home or business


  • The SpeakerHub connects your YoLink devices to the Internet and to the user-friendly YoLink app
  • The YoLink SpeakerHub is the gateway to the internet for your YoLink devices (your devices do not use your WiFi or connect directly to the internet
  • SpeakerHub connects your YoLink devices  to the internet via a WiFi network (2.4 GHz only; typical of most smart home devices)


  • Built-in speaker allows for your personalized text-to-speech messages and  your selected tones or sound to be played over the speaker, informing you of YoLink system events
  • SpeakerHub can provide voice feedback, such as "system is armed" 
  • SpeakerHub can audibly inform you of system events, without referring to your smartphone


  • SpeakerHub can be used with one or more of our Outdoor Motion Sensors, to create a customized driveway alert system. With our smart In-Wall Switches, exterior lighting, flood lights, etcetera, can be activated as well
  • When used with our Vibration Sensor, be audibly alerted when the laundry is finished
  • When used with our Smart Locks, be audibly informed when a door is unlocked and by whom
  • SpeakerHub has many applications for assisting those with vision loss or impairment. 
  • In addition to YoLink system-related messages, Alexa and IFTTT can be used to play messages on the SpeakerHub, not related to the YoLink system
  • SpeakerHub has many applications in elder care, for example. A system of motion sensors and door sensors can be used to track an individual's activity in the home, as well as based on time of day. With door and/or motion sensors, SpeakerHub can help by playing messages such as "Dad, it's not time to get out of bed yet, please go back to bed" (uploading of your custom audio files is coming soon)
  • Alexa can trigger your custom messages played by SpeakerHub. This may be desirable in locations where an Alexa speaker is not practical, possible (no WiFi), or acceptable (keep in mind, SpeakerHub does not have a microphone and can not listen)


  • Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor
  • Frequency, LoRa: 923.3 MHz
  • Frequency, Wi-Fi: 2412 – 2462 MHz
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions 2.99 x 2.99 x 0.98 inches (76 x 76 x 25 millimeters, L x W x D)
  • Status LEDs (Top):
    • Green power indicator
    • Red feature indicator
    • Blue Internet indicator
  • Set button (Rear)
  • Power connector: Micro-USB B
  • Power: 5 Volts DC
  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature Range: -4°F – 104°F (-20°C – 50°C)
    • Operating Humidity Range: ≤ 90% non-condensing
    • Intended for indoor use only


  • Q: How many devices can the SpeakerHub support?  A: Your SpeakerHub can easily support 300 devices. You can always add more SpeakerHubs. 
  • Q: I have an original YoLink Hub. Will the SpeakerHub coexist with my Hub?  A: Yes, absolutely. 
  • Q: Does SpeakerHub need batteries?  A: No, but if battery back-up is desired for operation during power outages, you can put SpeakerHub and your internet/network equipment on a UPS
  • Q: Can I make my own messages or do I have to choose from a library of messages  A: You can create your own personalized messages!
  • Q: Can I have my SpeakerHub play the sound of a dog barking, or say something in my voice?  A: Soon. This is a planned firmware update. When the update is available, you can update your SpeakerHub and you will then be able to upload your custom audio files. 
  • Q: Can I have SpeakerHub tell my kids to close the fridge door or the garage door? Or, the front door, or the cabinet doors? A: Yes, with one of our Garage Door Sensors on the garage door, or one of our Door Sensors on the other doors, yes, you can configure SpeakerHub to play a message if the door has been left open too soon.
  • Q: Can I use SpeakerHub as an alarm clock?  A: I suppose so. But unless you configure it to play a message ten minutes later, it does not have a snooze function (I use my snooze button about ten times).
  • Q: I have a drawer in my nightstand, I use it to hide candy from my husband. Can I have SpeakerHub play a message like "Ah, ah, ah! Stay out of my candy drawer!"  A: With one of our Vibration Sensors or Door Sensors, you can do this, but you should let your husband have some candy. That's not nice to hoard the candy.


  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network,  only. 802.11 B/G/N standard
  • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
  • Installation Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderately-Easy


  • (1) YoLink Speaker Hub
  • (1) AC/DC Adapter
  • (1) USB Cable
  • (1) Quick Start Guide


  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty