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Free Shipping for Orders Over $50 (US Only)
Free Shipping for Orders Over $50 (US Only)

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor temperature and humidity remotely. Automate based on high and low pre-sets. Be notified if conditions meet your criteria
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Central Station Monitoring

Whether for intrusion detection or critical water leak detection monitoring, VirtuAlarm can give you the peace of mind you need, at a price you'll like (starting at $9.95, with the first two months free!)
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Coming Soon: Speakr Hub

That's right -- "Speakr" Hub: it's not your ordinary hub. This Hub plays tones and sounds and reads you your alerts and messages. Flexible and powerful, you won't know how you lived without it before!

Make Your Garage Door Smart

Or make your smart garage door even smarter! Easy, no tool, no ladder, installation


Flexible. Customizable. It's a smart fob, with four buttons, each with two functions. Control your YoLink system. Trigger Alexa routines and IFTTT applets. What will you do with YOUR FlexFob?
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Smart Vibration Sensor

Smart Vibration Sensor

Many possibilities, only limited by your imagination, now you can protect objects, by placing this sensor in or on them. Protect glass against break-ins by placing this sensor on each window or pane. Liquor and medicine cabinets, firearm storage, jewelry boxes and drawers. Anything with a lid or door. As well as monitoring for activity, such as for laundry machines, HVAC equipment and 3D printers.

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Central Station Monitoring Now Available

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    outubro 14, 2021 YoSmart Inc

    Smart.... Toilet? post from Facebook 10/13/21

    Smart... toilet?? Our Water Leak Sensors 2 and 3 are capable of monitoring water level. Meaning, by using our special probe cable (as seen below) or by wiring the sensor to a float switch, the sensors can be used to...

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  • setembro 20, 2021 YoSmart Inc

    New "Filter" automation behavior (From Facebook)

    Tips & Tricks #20: How to use the new Filter behavior. The Filter behavior is an AND operator. Before, your automations were limited to IF (one trigger or condition) THEN (one or many) behaviors or outputs. Here is an example...

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Application Focus: YoLink & Caring for the Elderly

Application Focus: YoLink & Caring for the Elderly

If you are a caregiver or have elderly parents at home while you are at work, monitoring the exterior doors of your home can give you a sense of safety. Monitoring interior doors, such as bathroom, pantry, and fridge doors can provide you with activity awareness.

Click the button to learn how YoLink products are being used to make life better for the elderly and easier for those that care for them.


You Are Smart!

You want to make your home smart. You want to automate your home, to add safety, security, and convenience to your life, and even savings on your power bills.

That's smart.

At YoLink, by YoSmart, it is our ambition to provide the best and most user-friendly smart home products, at the best prices, with the best customer support.

We think that's smart.

We want to help you meet your smart home and automation needs with the YoLink family of products. Designed to be easy to set up and easy to use, and part of a growing ecosystem of smart home and automation products, with features like reliable, industry-leading long-range communication, and extended battery life,

YoLink is the smart choice.