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This item includes one EVO Valve Operator with the Valve Controller 2 (model YS5003). The EVO Valve Operator is a bolt-on motorized operator (also referred to as a "manipulator") for standard metal quarter-turn ball valves. The smart, wireless, Valve Controller 2 includes the features of the Valve Controller 1, with additional power configurations. The included plug-in AC/DC adapter allows for AC-only, AC with backup batteries, and batteries-only configurations. Optional items, selected below, include Water Leak Sensor 1 sensors (model YS7903) and hubs (YoLink Hub, model YS1603 or the SpeakerHub, model YS1604). Please note: a hub with an internet connection is required for full functionality. See "standalone" below.

The base package includes these items:

(1) Valve Controller 2  (Model: YS5003)

(4) AA Batteries

(1) Plug-in AC/DC power adapter w/59" (1.5m) cord

(1) EVO Valve Operator  (Model: EVOVO)

(1) Quick Start Guide

YoLink Hub or SpeakerHub (for full functionality)

Apple or Android phone or tablet (for full functionality)

Select your Valve Controller 2 & EVO Valve Operator package or kit below. You may also add accessory and suggested items, found in the adjacent tabs, at this time.

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The new EVO Valve Operator is an EVOlution in smart water control! In the past, a motorized valve was the hands-down choice for industrial, commercial, and multi-family residential building, smart water control. The frequent second choice, or alternative to this, bolt-on ball valve manipulators, robots, and other valve operators put smart water control within reach for DIY installation, but were always burdened with too many adjustments, a disadvantaged "push/pull" mechanical model, dependent on correct adjustments and sufficient leverage -- both of which are unlikely to win out when faced with larger and/or older, stiffer valves. 

Enter the EVO Valve Operator. We departed from the traditional "push/pull" approach (a mechanism that pushes or pulls on the valve handle), knowing that when those systems failed or underperformed, it was often attributed to a lack of leverage and sufficient torque to move the ball valve handle to 100% closed. But the EVO utilizes a "direct-drive" system, that rather than pushing or pulling on the handle, the drive shaft of the EVO is bolted direct to the shaft of the ball valve. Essentially, the two parts become one, and the EVO closes the performance gap between bolt-on and motorized valve water control products! 



Powered by LoRa ("Long-Range") technology, by Semtech, low power, 900 MHz band, Chirp Spread-Spectrum, wireless let's you take your smart devices where it was not possible before! Learn more

Longest Range, by Far!

Up to 1/4 mile open-air range is possible! Over 400% longer range than standard WiFi, Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. Learn more

Wire Less

Avoid the hassle and expense of wire installation, trenching, conduit and wire raceways, drywall repair, patching and painting, the mess and the clean-up, and electrician labor costs.

Low Power Benefits

In addition to vastly superior solid obstruction penetration (including steel and concrete!), low power translates to longer battery life: from 2 to 10+ years!


Our unique device-to-device pairing technology, that allows for creating links or relationships between devices. When called by another device to respond, the device will perform its paired behavior. Even if the internet is down and the power is out!   Learn more

Water Control & Shut-Off

For even more information on smart valves, valve controllers and other water control products, click here

Smart Water Solutions

To learn about our entire line of water-related smart products, click here

Water Leak Protection System

Shopping for valves for water leak protection? Be sure to check out our Water Leak Protection System page

Smart Farm

A popular application for smart valves is for the control of water for irrigation and for livestock (waterers, troughs, etc.). From commercial poultry farms to backyard chicken coops, there is something here for you!

Start Here!

New to YoLink and just getting started? Visit thispage, to get started properly. 

This package includes the EVO Valve Operator and YoLink Valve Controller 2. The new Valve Controller 2 includes the features of our popular Valve Controller 1, but now with multiple power options, and valve status input. The controller comes with a plug-in AC-to-12VDC power adapter. This allows for several power configurations, including batteries-only, 120VAC power with battery back-up, and 120VAC power-only. (For even longer battery life, check out the X3 Valve Controller)

The EVO Valve Operator is a bolt on vavle operator, with a unique "Direct-Drive" valve shaft attachment system, that dramatically increases dependability, with, even, stiff valves closing 100% each time. 

  • Wireless operation; no 120V outlet or wiring required
  • LoRa long-range/low-power technology offers 2+ years battery life, compared to 1+ year for other brands
  • Alexa, Google, voice assistant, Home Assistant and IFTTT integration
  • YoLink Control D2D device-to-device pairing allows for the Smart Motorized Valve to be directly controlled by YoLink water sensors or other devices, without an internet connection, and without power ("No WiFi, No Internet, No Power - No Problem!")
  • S.D.I.M - Smart Device Integrity Monitoring means your smart device is supervised 24/7 for communication and device health. Should your device fail to communicate or have a device health issue, you can be notified (per your alarm strategy settings). Each device has a unique identification number and it is individually monitored by the YoLink cloud server, 24/7, continuously
  • YoLink’s industry-leading long range communication (up to 1/4 mile, open air!) allows for operation in larger homes and in areas difficult for other wireless systems, such as basements, separate garages/structures, and even outside your home

Adds smart control, including remote manual control, schedule control, and automation based on interaction with other smart devices (such as YoLink smart water leak sensors). Additionally, the valve can be controlled by third-party applications like IFTTT, Home Assistant, Google and Alexa (including voice commands, like "Alexa, turn off the water")

Avoid the expense, inconvenience and mess associated with the installation of wiring, wiring raceway, and AC power for non-wireless valve controllers. 

Enjoy functionality even during a power outage. Control-D2D paired devices will perform their paired function automatically, without an internet connection, without the app, and without AC power (in the case of battery-powered or battery-backed-up devices - an internet connection is required for full functionality and for the app to work.)
Your Bulldog Valve Robot and Valve Controller 2 can be used "standalone" or "app-less", without a hub and/or without using the app. The valve can be operated manually by pressing the Set button on the controller. The controller can also be paired with one of our smart fobs, allowing you to open/close the valve at the press of a fob button (must be in range of the controller). And, our water sensors can be paired directly to the valve controller using Control-D2D pairing, a feature that does not require the app. 

Used standalone, you lose all app-related benefits, including remote control from your phone, via automations, Alexa* voice command and routines, etcetera, as well as the benefits of device supervision and device health monitoring (e.g. low battery indications). 

A hub, with an internet connection, is required for full functionality, but this product can be used standalone, with some limited functionality. If an internet connection is available, we recommend the use of a YoLink hub with this product. Watch for the release of Hub 3, later this year (4th quarter 2023), which will add cellular connectivity, should your location not have ethernet or WiFi.

*Optional service/subscription required, not included.

So Many Ways to Control Your Valve!

Applications Gallery (2)

  • Control of pressurized air
  • Control of gas valves (ball type valves, only)
  • General water control
  • Remotely turn the water on or off at your condo, rental property, summer/winter home while not in use
  • Prevent unauthorized use, by turning off water lines
  • Use the YoLink Water Leak Sensor to automatically shut off the water when a leak is detected, preventing costly damages (Water Leak Sensor sold separately)
  • Control your swimming pool water level. Add our Water Level Monitoring Sensor and automate water top-off
  • Shut off water to your lawn sprinkler system during the winter months, preventing water from freezing in the pipes
  • Automate pet and livestock watering, with remote control and preset schedules



Power: (4) AA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries

Working Current: 28.6 mA in Operation (Opening or Closing; no Current Draw in Standby Mode)

Dimensions: 4.96" (126 mm) H x 3.1" (80 mm) W x 1.1" (28mm) D

Voltage Out: DC 12VDC

Standby Current:

    .9 mA (on battery power)

    1.5 mA (on external power)

Current Draw (Operating): 28.6 mA + device current draw

Power Supply Amperage: 1.0 Amps

Power Supply Cord Length: 59” (1.5 meters)

IP Rating: IP66


   Environment Temperature Range: -4°F – 122°F (-20°C – 50°C)


Input Voltage: 120VAC

Output Power: 1 amp

Output Voltage: 12VDC

Cable Length: 59" (1.5 meters)


High Torque Geared Valve Motor

Torque: ~ 11lbf (~15Nm)

Operation Duration: ~ 18 seconds

Voltage: DC 12V

Cable Length: 28" (700mm)

Supports Valve Sizes: 1/2" through 2"

Cable Length: 28" (700mm)

Position Indicator: Yes

Manual Control: Yes

Working Current: Max 500Ma While in Operation (Opening or Closing; no Current Draw in Standby Mode)

IP Rating: IP65


   Environment Temperature Range: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)



This is a video demonstrating a simplified installation of the Bulldog Valve Robot. Your application will vary. See the included quick start guide and the full installation and user guide for more information. These documents can be found on the product support page and on this page in the Documents section. Questions or need help? Please email us at

Simplified typical installation of the EVO Valve Operator. Your application will vary. See the included quick start guide and the full installation and user guide for more information.  Questions or need help? Please email us at

  • DOCS
  • FAQs

Q: What are the differences between the YS4909, YS5001, and YS5003 Valve Controllers?

A: The primary differences between the YS4909, YS5001, and YS5003 Valve Controllers are in their battery life and power options:

YS4909: This valve controller has a battery life of up to 2 years, and it relies on battery power.

YS5001: This valve controller features an extended battery life of up to 10 years, providing longer-lasting performance without the need for frequent battery replacements.

YS5003: Similar to the YS4909, this valve controller has a battery life of up to 2 years. However, it also includes an AC adapter, offering an alternative power source besides battery power. It is also more powerful than YS4909.

Q: Can the YS5003 Valve Controller 2 be used outdoors?

A: Yes, the YS5003 Valve Controller 2 can be used outdoors. The YS5003 YoLink Valve Controller 2 has an IP rating of IP66, which means it is dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets.

Q: What is the IP rating of the YS5003 YoLink Valve Controller 2? What is the IP rating of Motorized Ball Valve?

A: The IP rating of YS5003 YoLink Valve Controller 2 is IP66, the IP rating of Motorized Ball Valve is IP65.

Q: How can I close the valve when the sensor detects water?

A: There are two ways to close the valve when the sensor detects water:

Create automation in the YoLink app (requires internet connection):

When: Water leak sensor detects a water leak (triggers an alert)

Then: Valve controller closes the valve

Set up YoLink Control, make sure the firmware of the valve controller is 090e or newer (no internet required):

First, close the valve. Next, press and hold the set button on the water leak sensor until the green LED starts blinking rapidly. Then, press and hold the set button on the valve controller until its green LED also blinks rapidly. This establishes a direct connection between the devices without the need for an internet connection.

Q: Does YoLink Valve Controller 2 support YoLink Control?

A: Yes, the YoLink Valve Controller 2 supports YoLink Control, for example, enabling you to pair it with a YoLink water leak sensor. When the sensor detects a water leak, the valve will automatically shut off without requiring power or internet. However, if there is no internet connection, you won't be able to control the valve controller through the YoLink App, and Alexa routines will not function either.

Q: How does the YoLink valve controller operate a 12V valve with a 6V battery pack?

A: The YoLink valve controller uses 4 AA batteries, providing a 6VDC power supply. These AA batteries are commonly available and low-cost. The valve controller's circuit board includes a power boost IC, which converts the 6VDC input to a 12VDC output, allowing it to operate the 12V valve effectively.

Q: How can I set an alarm to notify me when the valve is opening or closing?

A: To set an alarm for valve opening and closing notifications, follow these steps in the YoLink app:

Open the YoLink app and navigate to the "Smart" section.

Tap "Automation" and create two separate automations: one for valve opening and another for valve closing.

For Automation1 (valve opening):

a. Set the trigger: "When device actions" -> "Valve controller" -> "Open".

b. Add the desired behavior: "Notification" -> "Custom notification content".

c. Select the alarm strategy: App, email, and/or SMS, as preferred.

For Automation2 (valve closing):

a. Set the trigger: "When device actions" -> "Valve controller" -> "Close".

b. Add the desired behavior: "Notification" -> "Custom notification content".

c. Select the alarm strategy: App, email, and/or SMS, as preferred.

By following these steps, you'll receive notifications when the valve is opening or closing based on your chosen notification preferences.

Q: How do I connect my valve controller to Google Assistant for voice commands?

A: To connect your valve controller and Bulldog ball valve to Google Assistant, follow these steps:

Open the YoLink app and go to "Smart" -> "Scene" to set up a new scene for opening the valve. Add behavior: "Valve controller" -> "Open".

Open the Google Home app and reconnect to YoLink. Next, go to "Routine" -> "Set up a new routine." Create a custom command for Google Assistant, such as "Hey Google, open the valve." Then, add action: "Adjust Home Devices" -> "Adjust scenes" -> add the "open the valve" scene you created in the YoLink app.

By following these steps, you'll be able to control your valve controller and Bulldog ball valve using voice commands through Google Assistant.

Q: Can I configure the Power Fail Alarm using YoLink Control D2D to turn off a water control valve in the event of a power failure?

A: Yes, you can set up YoLink Control between the Power Fail Alarm and the valve controller to turn off the water control valve during a power failure. Follow these steps:

Close your valve.

Press and hold the set button on the Power Fail Alarm for 5 seconds until the green LED starts blinking rapidly.

Press and hold the set button on the valve controller for 5 seconds until the green LED starts blinking rapidly.

By following these steps, you can configure the Power Fail Alarm to automatically turn off the water control valve when a power outage occurs.

Q: How can I automatically open the valve after the water has been removed?

A: You can set up an automation in the YoLink app to open the valve after all water sensors stop detecting water. Here's how:

Go to YoLink app -> Smart -> Automation -> create a new automation.

Choose the trigger: "When valve - close."

Add Behavior 1: "Break if when water sensor 1 - detected water."

Add Behavior 2: "Break if when water sensor 2 - detected water."

Continue adding similar behaviors for all your water sensors.

Add the final behavior: "Valve - open."

This automation will open the valve when it is closed and all the water sensors have stopped detecting water.

Q: I did not receive any notice that the valve had closed. Why did I get this still open notification?

A: The "still open" notification is designed for situations like watering, where it serves as a reminder to users that the valve remains open. If you have set up this feature on your main valve, you may receive this notification even if you did not close or open the valve. To avoid this, you should disable the "open remind" feature for your main valve.

Q: I am trying to direct pair (D2D) the valve controller and the water leak sensor, but the valve controller does not respond when the water leak sensor detects water. What can I do?

A: Before attempting the D2D pairing, make sure your valve is closed and you can follow the instructions in this video for the pairing process: If you still encounter issues after following these steps, consider reaching out to YoLink customer support for further assistance.

Q: My ball valve controller shows as offline in the app, even after replacing the batteries with a different type. Is there a workaround to get it back online?

A: First, make sure your YoLink app is up to date. Then, remove the old batteries and press the button several times to discharge the capacitors before installing new, non-rechargeable batteries. If the issue persists after these steps, please contact YoLink customer support for further assistance.



A YoLink smart valve device, combined with YoLink water leak sensors, can stop water damage and will pay for itself on the first incident. Visit the Smart Water Leak Protection System page for more information. 

A YoLink smart valve device, combined with YoLink water leak sensors, is a 24/7 supervised water leak detection and shut-off system, eligible for rebates or discounts on your insurance. The savings is likely to pay for your entire purchase. Visit the Smart Water Leak Protection System page for more information. Need a certificate for your insurance company? Email us at

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YoLink products are used in buildings of all sizes and types, and with no size limitations, Raedius Web Console, a web portal/dashboard for managing large and multi-site systems, YoLink products are a great fit for property management firms. Visit our Raedius Web Console page for more information.

Are you an HOA board member or someone active in your HOA? YoLink products, with our long range wireless and economical prices, are in use in high-rise condo and apartment buildings and large private/gated communities, with over 1000 units. Consider there are no size limitations, and add optional Raedius Web Console, a web portal/dashboard for managing large and multi-site systems, YoLink is probably a perfect fit your water leak detection, water shut off, and even security, medical alert/panic button, gate control (and more) applications! Check out our Can-Do Condos! page and our  Raedius Web Console page and/or contact Eric Vanzo at for more information.

If you own a rental property or condo (whether you rent it out or not), you might be amazed at what YoLink products can do for you. Check out our Can-Do Condos! page for more information.


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