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The YoLink Smart Fridge collection gives you very economical ways to prevent potentially very expensive problems, like loss of frozen and refrigerated food or medications. 

If you know how wireless devices work, you might be asking yourself "can I put a wireless device in my metal-clad fridge and expect it to work?" The answer is "yes, you can!" (thanks to our unique version of LoRa long-range/low-power radio frequency technology!

Smart Fridge Videos:


New to YoLink? 

If you are starting your first YoLink system, you will need a hub. YoLink devices do not connect to your WiFi or even directly connect to your network. Your YoLink devices communicate directly with your Hub, which is the only device that connects to your network. 

You have two Hubs to choose from, our original YoLink Hub or our new SpeakerHub. SpeakerHub is an audio hub, capable of playing custom tones/sounds and messages. Spoken message, in clear text-to-speech-based phrases of your choice. 

SpeakerHub is recommended for your smart fridge solution, as it can audibly give you very specific information about the status of your fridge sensors. 

Step 1: Select Your Hub (SpeakerHub or Original Hub - One Required!)

Choose either our original YoLink Hub, or our SpeakerHub. Customers love our new SpeakerHub, as it can play attention-getting sounds, like a siren sound, and verbally inform you of off-normal and alert conditions, as the video demonstrated:  "Please close the fridge door"
Please see the Hub or SpeakerHub pages for additional info. 

Or, Select One of Our Starter Kits:


Starter kits are a great way to, get started! And, our starter kits are priced to make it easier to get started, and they are often on sale. (We're trying to make this easier!) Don't think of this as starting your smart fridge, but as starting your smart home!  As a proud owner of one of our hubs, all products on this website are compatible - smart smoke/CO sensors, locks, plugs, thermostats, etc!

Step 2: Select Your Supplemental Notification Alarms (Optional)


If there is an abnormal event, such as a high temperature alert, you will receive one or more notifications, consisting of but not limited to: phone app push notifications (pop-up banners on your phone), emails and text messages. If you are concerned about these notifications not reaching you, or being missed because you are asleep, you can add one or more of our siren products to your system. These attention-getting devices will make sure you are notified as soon as possible. 

Be sure to check out our Control-D2D feature, which allows for some system functionality even with the loss of WiFi, the internet, even the loss of AC power!  As we like to say:
                                                                                     "No WiFi, No Internet, No Power? No Worries!"

Step 3: Select Your Power Monitoring Devices (Optional)


Don't wait for a high-temp alert to be informed that your fridge or freezer lost power (due to power outage, circuit breaker or GFCI trip). Decrease this risk by monitoring AC power at the fridge or freezer. You can also attach our Power Fail Alarm to the freezer's power cord, in such a way that it can be detected if the fridge is unplugged. 

Step 4: Select Your Humidity and/or Temperature Sensors


Customers just like you made our Temperature & Humidity Sensor our best selling sensor (with our Water Leak Sensor 1 at a close 2nd place). A big reason, other than the solid engineering behind it and the handsome (yet understated) appearance that can fit in almost any decor, is the ability to still work, even when contained in, essentially, a big metal box. Don't try this with WiFi devices with much hope of success! Our unique and patented LoRa (Long Range/Low-Power) based wireless technology is very different from WiFi and other traditional (antiquated!) wireless systems. 

Step 5:  Select Your Door/Lid Sensor (Optional)


Monitoring door and lid position is a great way to prevent a thaw-out (or spoiled milk, etc.) before it can start. Not only can the app alert you each time a door is opened, but it can also notify you of a door or lid that has been left open toolong (from 20 seconds, to 2 hours). 

As shown in the video, SpeakerHub can verbally ask that the door be closed! You can have SpeakerHub keep you informed of any and all events with your fridge/freezer-connected devices.

Choosing the right sensor:  The Outdoor Contact Sensor has surface-mounted and wired magnetic contacts. These are ideal for doors or lids with a wider gap. Our Door/Window Sensor is generally more aesthetically acceptable for non-commercial applications. 
If you have questions about which sensor is right for your application, or where and how to place it, you can email Eric by clicking on the blue banner below. 

Step 6: Select Your Water Sensors


If your fridge has a water line to it, you should have a leak sensor at this location. Also, some customers place leak sensors at the bottom of their freezers, as a back-up thaw detector. The choice is yours, just how smart you want your fridge to be, but we recommend our bulletproof and best-selling Water Leak Sensor 1 for either task!

Pro tip: use the 3-pack coupon code to save on any quantity order 3 or more! See the Water Leak Sensor 1 page for details!

Our unique and patented Control-D2D device-to-device pairing allows for some continued functionality with the loss of WiFi, internet, even with the loss of AC power! Once paired together, for example, our battery-powered Power Fail Alarm can activate a remote Siren Alarm. Our water sensors can be paired to a Siren Alarm and to a Valve Controller, activating the siren and shutting off water, automatically!

Watch the videos, to learn more: