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YoLink, by YoSmart (a US corporation based in Irvine, California), is a line of smart products for residential and commercial use, utilizing wireless technology initially utilized for industrial and other large-scale applications. This technology, LoRa, short for Long-Range, is unique in the smart home industry and provides you with benefits that include 2 to 10 year battery life, 1/4 mile extreme long range, superior wall and obstruction penetration, including concrete, masonry and even metal! 

YoLink benefits include a more secure automation network due to a centralized and encrypted internet connection, as the devices are not on the internet and they do not rely on WiFi. All communication is encrypted, and controlled by AWS servers, for finance-grade security, backups and redundancies. Our patented Control-D2D device-to-device pairing allows for offline operation, including functionality even after the loss of WiFi, internet, and AC power, making it perfect for your critical operations, such as water leak detection and automatic shut-off and security.


What is YoLink Control or Control-D2D?

Control D2D (device-to-device) pairing allows for one or more sensors to be paired with one or more other sensors, in a way that they will respond and operate automatically, even with the loss of WiFi, internet and AC power. For example, leak sensors can be paired to a valve controller, so that the water is shut off automatically when a leak is detected. This is a unique feature not found in other smart water leak systems. 

If your smart system absolutely must perform, no matter what - power outage, loss of internet - you can depend on YoLink Control-D2D!

Watch & Learn (Control-D2D):

What is LoRa?

We'll spare you the techy mumbo-jumbo and simply tell you that LoRa, short for Long-Range, is a unique wireless communication standard that has superior obstruction penetration, and achieves incredibly long range while using very little power. YoSmart was the first to bring LoRa technology to the smart home, and we continue to innovate, with two-way encryption, and patented Control-D2D device-to-device pairing that offers an offline mode that will continue to provide functionality even with the loss of internet and AC power. 

By comparison to smart devices that utilize WiFi, Z-Wave and Zigbee, the YoLink wireless network can achieve over 1300 feet in open air, compared to their ~300 feet.


Step 1: Select Your Hub (Individual Packaging)

Choose either our original YoLink Hub, or our SpeakerHub. Customers love our new SpeakerHub, as it can play attention-getting sounds, like a siren sound, and verbally inform you of off-normal and alert conditions, such as "Leak detected in basement!"

Please see the Hub or SpeakerHub pages for additional info. Select at least one hub (or multiple hubs for large buildings, mid- and high-rise entire-building systems) or chose from a starter kit with a hub, in section 1A.  

See the "email a smart systems architect" banner below, if design assistance is required. 

Step 1A: Or Select Your Hub as Part of a Starter Kit

Starter kits are packaged for your convenience and offer some savings versus purchasing the items individually. 

Step 2: Select Your Water Control/Shut-Off Kit

Select from one of these kits. Each includes one of our wireless Valve Controllers and either a motorized valve, a Bulldog Valve Robot, or a Valve Manipulator. If you chose a Bulldog starter kit in step 1A, proceed to step 3. 

Step 3: Select Optional Additional Leak/Flood Detection

We offer two models of leak/flood sensors:

The Water Leak Sensor 1 is our most popular and best-selling model. It is completely waterproof, eliminating concerns about replacing your sensors just because they got wet. The "WLS1" has water-sensing electrodes on the top and bottom, meaning it can detect water as it drips onto the top of the sensor, as well as pooling up below it. As noted in the Set It & Forget video, you simply place the WLS1 on the floor. And leave it there, to do it's job, silently for five years or more! This is thanks to the efficient use of battery power made possible by our LoRa based wireless technology. And, it is worth noting, the WLS1 does not have a sounder or siren built in. This extends battery life to the max. 

A quick note about built-in alarms and sounders: when shopping for leak/flood sensors, consider if an audible sound is desired at the device location (in addition to any audible alerts you may have set up on your phone for YoLink alerts). Some customers want to have sensors that make an audible alert, but they find that many times, they were too far away, asleep, or not even home to hear the alarm. The alarm feature does subtract from battery life, so, please include more frequent battery replacements in your schedule, and in your cost of ownership calculations. When comparing competitor products, please note that some can not achieve even 6 months battery life.

The Water Leak Sensor 2 has a removable and extendable water-sensitive cable. This cable can be used to either reach a more confined space or multiple cables (add optional additional cables to the end) can be used to create a specific water-detecting region or area. The Water Leak Sensor 2 does have a sounder alarm built-in. Because of this, the sensor electronics must not get wet, so place it on the wall and/or away from the potential leak, splashes, or flooding, if possible. 

The sounder can be disabled in the app, but it can not be silenced from the app; you must go to the sensor to remove the wet cable, and replace the cable with a new one or dry it (with a hairdryer, etc.)

The "WLS2" does have the advantage over the WLS1 when it comes to confined spaces. The sensing cable can fit in places not possible for the WLS1. An example is using one or more cables to encircle a dishwasher or water heater. 

Both sensors use replaceable off-the-shelf AA batteries. The WLS1, being watertight, is a little harder to change the batteries. A tweezers or needle or similar object is used to remove the rubber plugs that protect each of four housing screws. Once the plugs are out, it's an easy battery swap from there. This process is outlined in the user guide and is visually demonstrated in several videos on YouTube

Step 4, NOTIFICATION: Select Optional Visible and/or Audible Alarms

In the event of water leak or flooding detection, you will receive one or more notifications, consisting of but not limited to: phone app push notifications (pop-up banners on your phone), emails, and text messages. If you are concerned about notifications not reaching you, or being missed because you are asleep, consider our SpeakerHub, and/or you can add one or more of our siren products to your system. These attention-getting devices will make sure you are notified as soon as possible, if in earshot of the siren.

As a notification device, our SpeakerHub offers several options, including a spoken message and/or tone or sound played over the speaker. If you, for example, want to be awoken if there is a detection at night, a SpeakerHub on your nightstand should be perfect. For those that want something louder and/or that can be heard from a longer distance, we offer an indoor Siren Alarm and two types of outdoor sirens. 

We offer three types of sirens:

Our Siren Alarm is an indoor siren alarm device. The Siren Alarm has three sound levels, one warbling tone, and four LEDs that flash while in alarm operation. While wireless and battery-powered, the Siren Alarm should be plugged-in at all times, and the batteries only offer standby or alarm operation for brief periods. The Siren Alarm can be powered by USB power or by AC power (120V in North America) using the included power adapter (120VAC to Micro-USB connector). The Siren Alarm is shipped with two AA batteries. 

Our Outdoor Alarm Controller & Siren, as the name suggests, is an outdoor siren alarm, but it can be used indoors. The siren component is a 12VDC security siren, with one tone and one sound level. The siren is controlled and powered by our wireless Alarm Controller. Other than the wire leads that connect the controller to the siren, this device is wireless - it does not need to be plugged in. Without the burden of wiring installation, you can place the siren where you need it, quickly and easily. The Alarm Controller is powered by four AA batteries, not included. For outdoor applications, we recommend lithium batteries, for maximum battery life and overall dependability. Our app does indicate battery level, so you can replace the batteries when needed

Our third siren offering is the X3 variant of our outdoor alarm controller & siren. X3 devices, like this one, are part of our commercial-grade line, ready for tougher environments and more demanding applications.  Features like a ruggedized enclosure with improved mounting points, and replaceable lithium battery with a potential 10+ year life, equate to many years of reliable operation. 

A possible fourth and fifth offering includes using our alarm controllers without our siren, but instead connected to your 12VDC relay or alarm devices (under 400mA current draw). This is a popular choice, particularly for intrusion detection applications, if you have existing, wired, alarm devices that you would like to have as part of your YoLink system. Purchase our alarm controllers separately on our Security collection page. 

Do you need your system to work, no matter what? Be sure to check out our Control-D2D feature, which allows for some system functionality after the loss of WiFi, the internet, even the loss of AC power! A good example is pairing your leak sensors to the valve controller and to a siren, so you can count on them to work, no matter what!  As we like to say:

                                                                                     "No WiFi, No Internet, No Power? No Worries!"