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YoLink Smoke & CO Alarm YoLink Hub Required

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No Alexa integration

One of the great things about YoLink is the Alexa integration. I needed to put the alarm in a part of the house that is not accessed much so needed an additional notification through Alexa. The speaker hub is a workaround but now i have multiple parallel systems instead of pne system through Alexa. Not ideal

David Janulis

YoLink Smoke & CO Alarm YoLink Hub Required

Michael Erskine
I like the product despite the instructions

I have many Yo-Link detectors (water, temperature, power, etc.) and this one was unlike any of the others in the difficulty understanding the directions. I was afraid to touch what turned out to be the activation button for fear I'd permanently deactivate the unit. Once I finally figured out how to activate it, I was good to use it.



    • Smart wireless combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector with an audible alarm. Add life safety and property protection to any YoLink system, whether for residential or commercial applications


    • Wireless operation; no 120V outlet or wiring required
    • Industry-leading low power consumption allows for batteries to last up to 10 years, for both the Smoke & CO Alarm and Wireless Communication Base, sparing your time - replacing batteries - and saving money. (Smoke/CO Sensor Head comes with non-replaceable 10 year batteries. As suggested by the NFPA, both smoke and carbon monoxide detector heads should be replaced at least every ten years.)
    • Use the YoLink app to schedule regular automatic detector self-tests, or receive reminders to test the detector manually
    • Be warned of extremely high temperatures exceeding 135°F (57°C)
    • Monitor critical life safety detector status in real-time, using the convenient YoLink app
    • Created automations triggered by smoke/CO alarm activation (e.g. turn on sirens in the home, turn off gas lines, turn on lights)
    • Alexa and IFTTT integration
    • YoLink's industry-leading long-range communication and low-power operation


    • Provides early-warning fire detection, capable of detecting slow smoldering fires
    • Provides early warning Carbon Monoxide detection. CO is a deadly odorless glass
    • Your smoke/CO sensors on the convenient and user-friendly YoLink app (adding Smoke/CO sensors to your home does not require adding another app)
    • Four-In-One Device: Smoke detection, CO detection, high-temperature alarm, audible alarm
    • Check remotely using the YoLink app, anytime and from anywhere
    • Wireless design does not require the installation of or connection to electrical mains wiring, allowing for a simple, safe, and fast installation, with no electrical or technical experience or knowledge required. Simply mount the base to the ceiling or wall surface, then twist in the detector head*
      • The equipment should be installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard 72 (NFPA72, National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269)
    • Create custom automation using the YoLink app, to trigger responses from other YoLink devices, such as the Siren Alarm, or Gas Valve Manipulator
    • Use the IFTTT service ( to create custom automation with YoLink and third-party devices, tailored to your particular needs and your IoT devices (IFTTT is a paid service for more than 3 custom automation)
    • Easy to install and portable; move to other locations as needed
    • Photo-electric smoke detection technology, versus ionization type, provides reduced false alarms and years of trouble-free operation
    • Carefree maintenance, with more years between battery replacement
    • UL (UL217/UL2034) and ETL Listed
    • Proven quality CO sensor, by Figaro of Japan, lasts for 10 years
    • Low-battery alerts give you advanced warning that it is almost time to replace the batteries
    • Extremely easy and fast installation using the YoLink app with Scan & Play



    • YoLink Hub with an internet connection (wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi). Refer to the Hub user guide for additional information
    • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
    • Tools Required: None (Unless wall-mounting, optional)
    • Installation Difficulty Level: Super Easy


    • Brand: ANKA
    • Model: AJ-939
    • Color: White
    • Compatible Detector Heads: Smoke, Carbon Monoxide
    • Power: 1 CR123A Lithium battery (3V DC)
    • Current Draw: 8.2uA (standby), < 60mA (working)
    • Battery Life: 10 years
    • Low Battery Threshold: 2.5±0.1V
    • Sound Level: 85 dB
    • Sensitivity: 1.07% to 2.64%/FT.OB
    • Alarm Mode: Audible (Piezo) & Visible (LED)
    • CO Alarm Response Times:
      • PPM: 70 - Time Until Alarm: 60-240 minutes
      • PPM: 150 - Time Until Alarm: 10-50 minutes
      • PPM: 400 - Time Until Alarm: 4-15 minutes
    • Operating Temperature Range:
      • 32℉ - 122℉ (0℃ - 50℃) (Common)
      • 23℉ - 131℉ (-5℃-55℃) (Occasionally)
    • Operating Humidity Range: 5-95% RH (non-condensing)
    • Intended for indoor use only
    • Gross Weight: 0.295KG
    • Product Size: 135mm*35mm
    • Certification: UL217 & UL2034


    • Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor
    • Color: White
    • Detection Sensors: Smoke; carbon monoxide; temperature
    • Temperature Value Accuracy: 1 (°F/°C)
    • Detection Temperature: -4°F-122°F, ±3.6°F (-20°C-50°C, ±2°C)
    • Dimensions: Φ4.80 x 0.87 inches (Φ122 x 22 mm)
    • Multi-color status LED (rear)
    • SET button (rear)
    • Power: 2 AAA lithium batteries (3V DC)
    • Battery Life: 10 years
    • Current Draw: ≤ 135mA (working), ≤ 5uA (standby)
    • Environmental: 
      • Operating Temperature Range: -4°F-122°F (-20°C-50°C)
      • Operating Humidity Range: ≤95% (non-condensing)
      • Intended for indoor use only


    • (1) AJ-939 ANKA Smoke & CO Alarm
    • (1) YS7A01-UC YoLink Communication Base
    • (1) Quick Start Guide 


    • YoLink products work only in the USA and Canada 
    • The alarm is packaged only with a quick start guide. Please download the full Installation & User Guide