YoLink Smart Indoor & Outdoor Contact Sensor Works with Alexa and IFTTT, YoLink Hub Required

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  • Wireless Smart Window/Door/Gate Contact Sensor for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Note: For indoor-only locations, consider our original Door Sensor with integral door/window contacts



  • Sensor monitors and reports the real-time open/closed status of a window, door, or gate, displaying the status on the YoLink app
  • Utilize the included set of magnetic position contacts, or utilize existing contacts or furnish your own
  • Universal compatibility: normally-closed, dry/no voltage contact-closure type contacts or relay output monitoring
  • Contact state is displayed on the app as either “open” or “closed”
  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Both home security and burglar/intrusion detection as well as applications for lighting control
  • YoLink Control allows for the Contact Sensor to directly control other YoLink devices, without an internet connection or Hub
  • Alexa voice assistant and IFTTT integration
  • YoLink’s industry-leading long range communication allows for operation in larger homes and in areas difficult for other wireless systems, such as basements, as well as separate garages/structures outside your home


  • Exceptional value; high-quality outdoor door/gate/window monitoring at a great price
  • Use the YoLink app and always know the open/closed status of supervised doors, gates, and windows in your home or property
  • Use the YoLink app to trigger customized responses to sensor activity. For example, activate a siren if a door is opened between 11 PM and 7 AM
  • Receive an alert on your phone if the door/window/gate is opened within a certain time of day or use the Open-Remind app feature to inform you of doors, windows, or gates left open too long
  • Lower cost of ownership than other technologies; low-power operation means batteries may last over 5 years, compared to 1 or 2 from other brands
  • Minimize downtime with low-battery alerts which give you advanced warning that it is almost time to replace the batteries
  • Uses standard alkaline batteries (2 AA batteries); no special batteries required (Lithium non-rechargeable batteries are recommended for outdoor applications)
  • Extremely easy and fast installation using the YoLink app with Scan & Play


  • Combine the benefits of an outdoor contact sensor with long-range communication to monitor the open/closed status of doors and windows on separate buildings on your property, such as free-standing garages, greenhouses, barns, and sheds
  • Monitor the open/closed status of your driveway gate
  • Maintain safety and security by monitoring the open/closed status of your swimming pool gate
  • Turn on floodlights when a gate or door is opened, for safety and security, or as a crime deterrent
  • Security/intrusion detection applications may include activating a Siren Alarm and/or receiving an alert notification on your smartphone when the door sensor is activated
  • Monitor the open/closed status of important and/or valuable rooms or items in your home and on your property. Some examples include safe doors and gun safe storage cabinets, liquor cabinets, and important rooms in your home.



  • YoLink Hub with an internet connection (wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi). Refer to the Hub user guide for additional information
  • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
  • Tools Required: Phillips Screwdriver or Hammer
  • Installation Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy


  • Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor
  • Color: Black
  • Magnet Trigger Distance: ≤ .7 inch (18 mm)
  • Multi-color status LED (front)
  • Set button (front)
  • Power: 2 AA batteries (3V DC)
  • Environmental:
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4°F – 122°F (-20°C – 50°C)
  • Operating Humidity Range: < 95% non-condensing
  • Intended for indoor & outdoor use


  • (1) Outdoor Contact Sensor with Magnetic Contacts
  • (2) “AA” Batteries
  • (4) Self-Tapping Screws
  • (1) Double-Sided Mounting Tape
  • (1) Quick Start Guide


  • YoLink products work only in the USA and Canada
  • The sensor is packaged with a quick start guide only. Please download the current Installation & User Guide